Thank You

Thank You Donators

We would like to thank all our donators for their worthy donations.
We have listed the names of all the donators in the following along with the details of the beneficiaries and supported projects from their donations.
  • 1. Sponsors of underprivileged kids
  • 2.Donators of Recreational School building project.
    • Donation from Mr. Lennart Strandberg and Mrs. Birthe Strandberg through Mr. Peter Strandberg, Gunnel Landergren and Mrs. Monica Granqvist which helped us to buy a computer for the school, a set of badminton rackets, a football, and some writing boards for the classroom. We could also construct four foundation pillars for the recreational building project of the school in April
    • Donation from Berga Second Hand Store from Sweden, through Mr. Lennart Strandberg has helped us to construct 11 more foundation pillars of our recreational building in June. « Check pictures of the donated materials and the construction site. »
  • 3. Donators of Wennerstrom Health Centre
  • 4. Donators of the HAPPY SCHOOLWALL
    • Donation from Mr. Filip Strandberg through his friend who helped us to paint our school wall with lots of beautiful pictures and educational materials. « Check pictures of the wall »
  • 5. Donators of Water Pump in the School
  • 6. Donators for repairworks of homes of the school kids at Vicki Toll, Jaigaon damaged by the storm on 4th of April 2015.
    • We would like to thank Charlotte Hjukstrom, Peter Westerberg, Annelie Westerberg, Claes Lundgren and Lars Magnus Jansson from Sweden for supporting and helping the affected kids and families of Vicki Toll, Chhota Mechia Busty, Indo-Bhutan Border, Jaigaon by donating sixty tin roofs and sixty bamboos to repair their homes, damaged by the recent storms.
    • We would also like to thank Mr. Kjell Borneland and Ms. Tina Hoijer from Swedasia Travels, Sweden in coordinating this noble efforts in helping the poor families in Jaigaon. « Check here for updates and pictures »
  • 7. Donators for school books for 9 poor children of Kjell Borneland Academy.
    • Donation of school books and stationaries by Jan Gölten Susanne Martin Holmström, Birgitta Dalen, Roland Jansson, Lisbet Elfstrand, Sussi Henrik Sara Forsman from Sweden with the help of our school volunteer teacher Ms. Irene Holmstrom helped 9 of the underprevileged kids of Kjell Borneland academy to get school books and stationaries which will help them to study school books for one year. « Check here for pictures »
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